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The employment lifecycle falls into a number of phases, broadly comprising; recruitment, the period of actual employment itself and the ending of employment.

We support all the key HR areas across this lifecycle including:
  • recruitment
  • grievance
  • misconduct
  • flexible working
  • sickness and absentism
  • maternity / paternity
  • IT and communication
  • company cars
  • apprasials
  • equal opportunities
  • redundancy
  • resignation
  • retirement
  • plus many others

Spanning these areas we provide a range of services, summarised as follows:

  1. helping clients to get the baseline / core HR documentation in place. In the majority of cases this means creating an employee handbook and ensuring that consistent contracts of employment are in place for all employees. We keep this key documentation up to date, incorporating any future changes in statutory employment legislation.
  2. providing help when a specific issue arises (see some examples), providing step by step guidance, advice and operational support. For example, for a “misconduct” this could include:
    • procedural guidance notes for all stages of the process
    • proforma templates:
      • suspension letter
      • invitation to disciplinary meeting
      • form to record verbal warning
      • initial written warning
      • final written warnin
      • dismissal letter
      • appeals hearing acknowledgement and decsion from the appeals hearing
    • direct advice and support from an HR specialist, for example this could include
      • preparing written warnings
      • onsite visits at key stages in the process, for example at the disciplinary meeting
  3. Acting as a trusted advisor for any other specific HR related specific projects, and including providing part-time long term operational HR support (anything from day per month to a few days per week)


An independent business owned and operated by HR2all Ltd under the MA name under a membership agreement from MA consulting international limited.